Array Biopharma, Global Blood Therapeutics to Work on Hematological Drug Discovery

The companies are partnering on various methods to treat blood diseases.

Array BioPharma Inc. and Global Blood Therapeutics today announced a multi-target drug discovery collaboration agreement to identify small molecule lead compounds targeting chronic blood-based diseases.  Array will develop assays and screen its proprietary lead generation library of 300,000 small molecules to identify both active site and allosteric modulators of certain Global Blood targets.  Array's library will allow for rapid hit confirmation and subsequent lead optimization.

"We look forward to deploying our drug discovery platform and sharing our expertise with companies like Global Blood, a venture-backed company founded by Third Rock Ventures," said Kevin Koch , Ph.D., President and Chief Scientific Officer for Array.  "Our mutual goal is to accelerate the drug discovery and development process by combining Global Blood's expertise in disease biology and computationally supported medicinal chemistry with Array's established drug discovery platform."

"We view this collaboration as a complement to our internal, broad based drug discovery research," said Brian W. Metcalf , Acting Chief Scientific Officer for Global Blood.  "This relationship leverages Array's comprehensive drug discovery platform with Global Blood Therapeutics' class-leading expertise in blood biology, with the goal to revolutionize the treatment of chronic blood-based diseases."

About Array BioPharma

Array BioPharma Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of targeted small molecule drugs to treat patients afflicted with cancer.  During 2013, Array expects to make substantial progress in generating data to inform registration study decisions for our wholly-owned hematology programs, ARRY-520 and ARRY-614.  Array-invented MEK162 will be tested in a Phase 3 trial in NRAS melanoma which is scheduled to start in April 2013, as well as BRAF mutant melanoma later in 2013 (with Novartis).  Also, AstraZeneca recently announced a potential start of a Phase 3 trial with Array-invented selumetinib in non-small cell lung cancer during the second half of 2013.  For more information on Array, please go to

About Global Blood Therapeutics

Global Blood Therapeutics is a product-focused, biopharmaceutical company building a pipeline of innovative, oral medicines to revolutionize the treatment of chronic blood-based diseases and genetic disorders for which there are currently no available cures and only extremely limited therapeutic options.  Global Blood Therapeutics' approach combines the most advanced computational biology and protein-ligand modeling with empirical medicinal chemistry and screening capabilities, while leveraging its team's world-leading expertise in blood biology and proven success in drug discovery and development. Global Blood Therapeutics is a private company launched in 2012 by Third Rock Ventures with an experienced leadership team and renowned scientific founders. For more information, please visit

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