Coding Becomes Environmentally Friendly

Nutec Systems (Lawrenceville, NJ) uses HP inkjet technology for its printing systems. Michael Shaw, vice president of sales, says that their systems’ workload is equally divided between basic lot/date coding and unique symbology for track and trace plus international graphic symbology. Often today, it is a combination of all.

While this is standard operation for most printing equipment, one aspect that Nutec is working with is not quite so mainstream yet. The company is looking toward more environmentally friendly inks. This means moving from aggressive solvents such as MEK and other ketone-based inks, which are on the known carcinogenic list, to ecosolvent-based inks. Nutec offers an environmentally safe alternative to MEK and other inks that emit VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

“Our new Hewlett Packard cartridge–based printing system allows users to print on a wide variety of nonporous and paper substrates with ecosolvent inks comprised of water and alcohol. No VOCs are present in these new inks. Our new ‘Lite’ solvent inks are maintenance free as they are contained in a landfill safe, disposable self-contained cartridge,” Shaw says. “The inks are available in black, colors, and covert IR and UV.”


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