Customer Feedback about Boston Scientific's Medical Device Packaging Changes


  • High marks for usability.
  • The packages are thought to include the essential pieces of information. Responses included:

“They are uncluttered and have the basic information we want.”
“You can see all the information in one overview.”
“In a prominent and visible location.”
“It is easy to identify the size as it jumps right out at you.”
“The name is big and bold so you can see it from far away.”

  • Reaction to design is genuinely and consistently enthusiastic. Responses included:

“It’s cool!” 

  • Consistent with the general preference for a “consistent” packaging design across the industry:

“There should be one standard,” was one response.

  • Most customers are enthusiastic about a packaging system that has a similar “look,” with the location and placement of key information standardized. “This is a great look,” was one response.


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