Industry Feedback . . . via Social Media

While researching this year’s annual Industry Outlook feature, we went to the people. Like many professionals these days, we thought we’d reach out to the industry through social media.

On Linked In, for instance, I posted the following discussion: "Can Packaging Improve Healthcare Quality and Reduce Costs?" Bob Patton, account executive at Innomark Packaging Solutions, posted a response, which I quote here: "As a supplier of paperboard packaging, I have a vested interest in the future of unit-dose packaging. However, I truly believe that improved (often more expensive) packaging can positively affect patient outcomes. Ultimately, if patients get well, expensive procedures are avoided, and the healthcare system benefits from lower costs."

Added Patton: "What is required is a paradigm shift in the way we view the cost of packaging. Currently in the United States, most pharmaceutical companies package tablets in bottles. This is the most cost-efficient way for them to deliver product to market if you measure cost as the unit price for packaging materials. However, if you step back and look at the entire healthcare system, including the total cost to deliver product to a patient, and you consider patient outcomes, it is an antiquated, inefficient system."

Instead, "imagine that medications are prepackaged and delivered to the pharmacy in compliance unit-dose packaging. Instead of spending 8 hours a day counting pills, the pharmacist simply labels the package for the patient and actually has time to spend with each customer," Patton suggested.
I also posed a few questions on Twitter. "Writing article about reducing healthcare costs while improving quality of healthcare. Any ideas on how to do this w packaging innovation?" @SafetyNurse kindly responded: "Use evidenced-based/best practice approach. Error reporting sources can inform design of packages 2 reduce known failure pts." And later: "Use your internal error reporting mechanisms or partner/contract to unearth known package-related snafus." Thanks @SafetyNurse, aka Barbara Olson, a nurse with "an engineer’s mind and med safety credentials."
I also follow @ChristianeTrue, aka Christiane Truelove, editor-in-chief of Med Ad News and R&D Directions. Truelove has had some interesting exchanges on Twitter about engaging pharmaceutical companies in social media. Truelove "retweeted" the following posts from Shwen Gwee (@swhen), who tweeted about a speech by Pfizer’s Ray Kerins: "#BDI RK: Hopes that in future there’ll be 100+ ppl anointed by official powers to be on Twitter" and "#BDI RK: Says there is no official policy for employee engagement of SM."
Reaching folks through these newer media is enriching and exciting. I am following a diverse body of healthcare professionals, many of whom are practitioners sharing their experiences. (With passion, I must add!) These posts to Truelove, though, explain why I haven’t come across many readers on Twitter. I understand company caution. But the great thing about Twitter is that you can follow without tweeting yourself. You’ll be in the know without letting it show.
Twitter username: @daphneallen





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