Letter from the Council

Tubes Offer Convenient Way to Beat the Economic Downturn


Like almost all other sectors of the economy, the customers serviced by tube manufacturers have been hit hard by economic troubles. This reality has naturally pressured the members of The Tube Council. In response, we continue to focus on the advantages of tubes over other forms of packaging. Our industry is not recessionproof, but it is recession resilient. Some customers continue to perform extremely well. Some are struggling a bit, and still others have been deeply affected. Overall, however, the base business for tubes remains solid.

Softer demand throughout North America has lead many businesses to look for improved ways to sell their products. In many cases, this augurs well for tubes, given their ability to display various products to maximum advantage.

Convenience, functionality, and aesthetic appeal are all major selling points for products packaged in tubes. This is the message that we at The Tube Council are constantly seeking to send to the market. Such convenience, functionality, and aesthetics are the exact reasons that tubes should so often be the package of choicenow more than ever.



Paul Goodman
The Tube Council



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