Medical Design Excellence Awards Salute Innovative Medical Products, Packaging

The winning medical product and packaging designs were announced at the recent MD&M East event in Philadelphia.

The winning products in this year's MDEA competition, presented by UBM Canon, were announced at a presentation ceremony held May 23 inside the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown hotel. The ceremony was held in conjunction with the MD&M East Event )at the adjacent Pennsylvania Convention Center.

At the ceremony:
* The 2012 MDEA-finalists, and their suppliers, were honored for their innovative contributions to the MedTech industry
* One Gold-winning product was awarded "Best-in-Show" - The Planmed Verity extremity scanner, manufactured and submitted by Planmed Oy (Helsinki, Finland)
* The NCIIA announced the winners of the 2012 BMEidea biomedical engineering competition for university students

Among the products honored for excellence in pharmaceutical and medical packaging:


BRONZE WINNER - Scotchbond Universal Adhesive dropper vial, manufactured and submitted by 3M Deutschland GmbH, 3M ESPE Division (Seefeld, Germany). Supply and design credit to Eckstein Design (München, Germany). The dropper vial contains an all-purpose, light-curing adhesive for the company’s Total-Etch and Self-Etch applications for dental filling and cements. The flip-top vial and unit-doze delivery are designed to make the packaging easy to use. The item features a broadly dimensioned push-button, and the dropper configuration (an enhanced version of a previous package) is aimed to provide dental professionals with ease of opening and opening and clean usage.


GOLD WINNER - FMwand Ferromagnetic Surgical System, manufactured and submitted by Domain Surgical (Salt Lake City, UT). Supply and design credit to Eclipse Product Development (Salt Lake City, UT), and Biomerics LLC (Salt Lake City, UT). The system cuts and coagulates soft tissue while minimizing collateral damage; the device is intended for neurosurgery, spine surgery and subspecialties requiring precision and safety near delicate structures. It consists of a compact generator, disposable handpieces (packaged in individual sterile thermoform pouches, in boxes of five units), and disposable surgical tips (also packed in individual five-unit sterile pouches).

SILVER WINNER - EndoSerter Corneal Endothelial Delivery Instrument, manufactured by Ocular Systems Inc. (Winston-Salem, NC). Entry submitted by and supply and design credit to Cathtek LLC (Winston Salem, NC). It is a sterile, handheld, single-use disposable device used to deliver a corneal endothelial allograft into the eye during surgery. It consists of the instrument body, internal mechanisms and carrier. Compared to other devices used during Descemet’s stripping endothelial keratoplasty (DSEK surgery, the EndoSerter gently rolls the allograft into a protective sheath easily and precisely placed into the eye; when the device is retracted, the allograft deploys into the proper position. The device—which mimics the appearance of a simple ballpoint pen—comes in single-unit packaging, crafted by design firm Fifth Letter.

BRONZE WINNER - Alair Catheter for Bronchial Thermoplasty procedures, manufactured by Asthmatx (Sunnyvale, CA). Entry submitted by and design credit to Bridge Design (San Francisco, CA). The system is used to perform bronchial thermoplasty, a procedure designed to treat  adult severe asthma. The treatment is delivered with the product via the working channel of a standard flexible bronchoscope; temperature-controlled radio frequency energy is applied to targeted airways, reducing the amount of airway smooth muscle to block the constriction of airways during an asthma attack. The handle on the system simplifies use of the catheter.


SILVER WINNER - Vibrance Kegel Device, manufactured and submitted by Bioinfinity (M) Sdn Bhd (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). The Vibrance is aimed to provide active biofeedback and audio-guided interval training to assist women in properly performing pelvic floor exercises. Because of the product’s intimate nature, designers endeavored to make the product and its packaging comfortable and easy to use, visually appealing and tactile. The packaging—designed to be sophisticated and respectful of female patients—is intended to combine feminine and therapeutic elements to send a clear message about its benefits.

BRONZE WINNER - New prefilled insulin injection pen, manufactured by Novo Nordisk A/S (Hillerod, Denmark). Entry submitted by ESP Bioscience (Berkshire, United Kingdom). The NovoRapid FlexTouch is a prefilled injection pen aimed to simplify the process of self-administering insulin. The device consists of a prefilled pen with a spring-loaded mechanism; color coding on the pen body, insulin cartridges and packaging facilitates at-a-glance identification of the insulin type inside. The pens five to a box, which is supplied by packaging partner Eson Pac; a white background, easy-to-read descriptive text and product illustration on the outer packaging are aimed at making identification and use of the product easier for patients and pharmaceutical staff.


SILVER WINNER - NOMAD Pro handheld x-ray system, manufactured by Aribex Inc. (Orem, UT). Entry submitted by IQMS (Paso Robles, CA). Supply and design credit to Voltage Multipliers Inc. (Visalia, CA), and Ecomass Technologies (Austin, TX). A handheld x-ray for intraoral dental use, NOMAD Pro has a full-color LCD display screen, preset exposure settings and other features intended to help dental professionals save time, in a compact unit. The device ships in a 44ECT white corrugated box and integrated plastic handle; inside, a polyurethane block has custom cut-outs for each product component, and labels on the outside bear company logos and FDA-mandated messaging.

Other winning products include:

* GOLD WINNER - King Vision video laryngoscope, manufactured and submitted by King Systems (Noblesville, IN).
* SILVER WINNER - CARDIOHELP System for circulatory and pulmonary support, manufactured by MAQUET Medical Systems USA (Wayne, NJ). Entry submitted by WCG (New York, NY).
* BRONZE WINNER - The Freedom portable driver, manufactured and submitted by SynCardia Systems Inc. (Tucson, AZ). Supply and design credit to Bimba Manufacturing (University Park, IL), Origin Product Development (Maynard, MA), Lynium LLC. (Tucson, AZ), Yarbrough Electronic Sales (Tucson, AZ), Applimotion Inc. (Loomis, CA), and CGI Inc. (Carson City, NV).

* GOLD WINNER - Identafi Oral Cancer Screening Device, manufactured by DentalEZ Inc. (Malvern, PA). Entry submitted by and supply and design credit to M3 Design (Round Rock, TX).
* SILVER WINNER - 3-D Click Guide kit for dental implants, manufactured and submitted by Idondivi Inc. LLC (San Francisco, CA).
* BRONZE WINNER - Waterlase iPlus All Tissue Laser, manufactured and submitted by Biolase Technology Inc. (Irvine, CA). Supply and design credit to Morphix Design Inc. (San Cleme Clemente, CA), Patton Design Inc. (Irvine, CA), Northrop Grumman Corp. (Charlotte, NC), and Shmaze Industries Inc. (Lake Forest, CA).

* GOLD WINNER - Safepole I.V. pole, manufactured by SafePole LLC (Los Angeles, CA). Entry submitted by and supply and design credit to TEAMS Design (Chicago, IL).
* SILVER WINNER - Edelvaiss Multiline paradigm-shifting manifold and I.V. line, manufactured and submitted by Doran International (Toussieu, France). Supply and design credit to Emerson Industrial Automation Branson Divison SAS (Rungis, France).
* BRONZE WINNER - TOBI Podhaler dry powder inhaler device with PulmoSphere technology, manufactured and submitted by Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. (San Carlos, CA). TOBI Podhaler is not approved in the USA. Design credit to Cambridge Consultants Ltd. (Cambridge, United Kingdom), and supply credit to Gerresheimer Medical Plastic Systems (Regensburg, Germany).

* GOLD WINNER - GORE Hybrid Vascular Graft, manufactured and submitted by W. L. Gore & Associates Inc. (Flagstaff, AZ).
* SILVER WINNER - ConforMIS iTotal CR Knee Replacement System, manufactured by ConforMIS Inc. (Burlington, MA). Entry submitted by Racepoint Group (Waltham, MA).

* SILVER WINNER - SnapPath 1000 biomarker testing system, manufactured by BioMarker Strategies (Baltimore, MD). Entry submitted by and design credit to HS Design Inc. (Gladstone, NJ). Additional supply and design credit to Sparton Medical Systems (Strongsville, OH), and Mack Molding (Arlington, VT).
* BRONZE WINNER - Simplexa Direct and Simplexa Universal Direct assay kits, manufactured and submitted by Focus Diagnostics (Cypress, CA).

* GOLD WINNER - Planmed Verity extremity scanner, manufactured and submitted by Planmed Oy (Helsinki, Finland).
* BRONZE WINNER - DermScope imaging accessory for the iPhone, manufactured by Canfield Scientific Inc. (Fairfield, NJ). Entry submitted by and supply and design credit to HS Design Inc. (Gladstone, NJ).

* GOLD WINNER - Niagara Foot field-adjustable prosthetic device, manufactured and submitted by Niagara Prosthetics and Orthotics International Ltd. (Fonthill, ON, Canada). Supply and design credit to DuPont Canada (Mississauga, ON, Canada), Human Mobility Research Centre, Queen's University (Kingston, ON, Canada), Centennial Plastics Mfg. Ltd. (Mississauga, ON, Canada), Hippo Design (Saint-Andre-Avellin, QC, Canada), Logique 3D/Instadesign (Montreal Lava (Montreal Laval, QC, Canada), Services PRECICAD Inc. (Quebec, Canada), and Universidad Don Bosco (Kempten, Germany).
* SILVER WINNER - BiOM Ankle prosthetic device, manufactured and submitted by iWalk Inc. (Bedford, MA). Supply and design credit to Cogmedix (West Boylston, MA), OnCore Manufacturing Services (Springfield, MA), and Maxon Motors (Fall River, MA).
* BRONZE WINNER - Breathe NIOV Ventilation System, manufactured and submitted by Breathe Technologies Inc. (Irvine, CA). Supply and design credit to AOK Tooling Ltd. (Kowloon, Hong Kong), ATL Technology (Springville, UT), AARCEE Consulting (Fremont, CA), Apogee Industrial Design (Millford, CT), and PN Engineering (Carlsbad, CA).
In addition, Dean Kamen (inventor, entrepreneur, and tireless advocate for science and technology) presented the prestigious

2012 MDEA Lifetime Achievement Award to famed inventor Dr. Thomas Fogarty for his vast accomplishments over the last half century. This award honors an individual whose contributions during a long career have had d a demonstrable impact on technological, business, and cultural advancements in medical devices.

Presented by UBM Canon, and sponsored by Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry, the MDEA program is the MedTech industry's premier competition for medical device design and innovation. It recognizes the achievements of medical device manufacturers, their suppliers, and the many people behind the scenes -- engineers, scientists, designers, and clinicians -- who are responsible for the groundbreaking innovations that are changing the face of healthcare. MDEA-winning entries excel in the areas of product innovation, design and engineering achievement, end-user benefit, and cost-effectiveness in manufacturing and healthcare delivery.

A comprehensive review of the entries was performed by an impartial, multidisciplinary panel of third-party jurors with expertise in biomedical engineering, clinical practice, diagnostics, human factors, industrial design, manufacturing, and medicine. The 2012 MDEA Jury selected 25 winning products out of 41 finalists in 10 medical product categories.

The 2012 Medical Design Excellence Awards were sponsored by Platinum Sponsor: Phillips-Medisize and Silver Sponsor: Teleflex Medical OEM. We thank these major industry suppliers for their contributions which have helped to make this year's program possible. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, contact:

For more information about the Medical Design Excellence Awards -- including additional details about the manufacturers and suppliers that created the 2012 MDEA-winning products -- visit the MDEA website.

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