More than a Truckload

A contract services company steps up its logistics services to simplify distribution.

Eager to help companies eliminate any delays to distribution, The Visual Pak Companies (Waukegan, IL) formed Visual Pak Logistics Inc. to enhance its freight management solutions. The company can act as the transportation intermediary with access to more than 32,000 bonded and certified providers.

Dan Brosseau, vice president sales and marketing, understands the pressure in getting products to the marketplace. The Visual Pak Companies is actually a group of companies that provides services such as liquid blending and filling, custom thermoforming, contract manufacturing and packaging, and more. “Deadlines are critical. The contract packager is always the last one to touch the product,” he says. “They could be blamed for not getting the product out the door on time.”

The Visual Pak Companies decided to assume control of the entire finishing process to shore up any potential delays. The group had offered logistics services such as pick/pack/ship, warehousing, reverse logistics, cross-docking, and postponement. In mid 2009, trucking capabilities were added, and Visual Pak Logistics was formed.

“It means less trucking headaches for our customers,” says Brosseau. “Not only does it reduce complexity and cost, but it also saves fuel, increasing a program’s environmental friendliness.” Any load, regardless of size, weight, origination, or destination, can be accommodated, he adds. Shipping can be handled via truck, rail, ship, or air.

The Visual Pak Companies currently provides services to companies marketing over-the-counter health and beauty aids as well as other consumer goods. It is located on a business campus surrounded by major pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, however, so Brosseau says the company may be looking to expand to serve them as well.

“We understand many pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers have cleanroom requirements or other stringent demands, so we are interested in learning how we can meet their needs,” he explains.

Visual Pak Logistics’s stated approach to balancing deadlines with maintaining quality and minimizing cost and environmental impact may be of interest, especially with these manufacturers eyeing just-in-time shipping and cost control.

“Companies need quick project set up and turnaround, but they also want to reduce their risk,” Brosseau says. “That’s why we only work with providers with a reputation for service, quality, and a track record for on time delivery. Our carriers are bonded, certified, insured, and approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation.” Visual Pak Logistics works with a sizable network, which “generates natural competition and translates into a better overall deal for our customers.”

Services include the following:

• 53-foot Air Ride Vans.
• Refrigeration.
• Flatbeds.
• Specialized Equipment.
• Full Containers.
• Less Than Container Load.
• Container freight station.
• Warehousing services.
• International shipping.
• Time-sensitive freight.
• Air freight.
• Sequenced loading and deliveries.
• National carrier group network.
• Partial truckloads.
• Consolidations.
• Cross-docking.
• Fulfillment.
• Storage trailers.
• Local cartage.
• Pick up and delivery.

“We try to eliminate any disruption in a customer’s world-class manufacturing operations,” says Brosseau. “We like to see ourselves as an extension of their organization.” ■

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