New Proofing System for Labels

 Two separate label printers have purchased the Prediction digital proofing system from Latran Technologies (Bedford, MA). Overnight Labels (Deer Park, NY) and Macaran Printed Products, a division of W. N. Van Alstine & Sons Inc., have each purchased the Prediction 1420 Digital Halftone Proofing System. Using advanced imaging technology, Prediction outputs proofs at resolutions of 2540 or 2400 dpi, matching the output of many plate-making systems.


Overnight Labels displayed printing proofs using the new system at EastPack in New York City this past June. Show attendees were invited to participate in the Digital Half-Tone Proof Comparison Test, in which they could sign up to receive free before and after proofs to compare the new proofing technology to the old. According to Don Earl, president of Overnight Labels, standard proofs can’t always show the look and feel of the final label, especially when using gold or silver foil stock. The new Latran system simulates the final label on the client’s actual stock using real ink and half-tone dots. “We could not be happier with the response to digital proofs. It’s the solution to a label industry headache,” says Earl. “We had buyers saying they wish this was available months ago. It would have saved them time, money, and guesswork.”

Sonya DiGirolamo, manager of Macaran’s prepress department, adds that “it’s much quicker to make a high-end proof with the Prediction. That becomes especially important if we have to go back and rework a file. We can see very quickly what a job really looks like with the latest changes before we go to press, because we are able to simulate an actual label.”

Larry Sayage of Pharma-Pak took part in Overnight Labels’ Digital Half-Tone Proof Comparison Test. “The difference was startling. It’s hard to believe we made packaging decisions using the old proofs,” he says.



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