Optel Vision Offers 360° Degree Tablet Inspection Solution

Optel Vision (www.optelvision.com) has introduced the Optel Vision TabletProof 360, a vision inspection system that provides a simultaneous 360° inspection of capsules, tablets, or gel caps.
The system combines Optel Vision camera technology and inspection software with product handling technology from Aylward (www.aylward-usa.com), in a mobile unit designed to roll into
a packaging line before a blister or bottling station, or to be used in standalone mode for inspection of bulk product.
The TabletProof 360 can inspect in a few days time pill batches that would take weeks to inspect by manual process, said Ken Fallu, Optel Vision’s marketing director, at Pack Expo, where the system was unveiled.
“There is no other system in the world that can do 360° degree pill inspection on the fly. We are inspecting each and every pill at a rate of 2000 products per minute, discarding defective tablets without interruption,” Fallu said.
The Aylward technology controls the pills to deliver them with a high level of consistency to the camera system. Four cameras each capture one picture of every pill as it falls in the air through the inspection well. Good product falls directly to an accept bin; a precision ejection system allows discarding of defective product as bad pills are air-blasted to a reject bin.
The system features reject verification, ensuring bad product is rejected and that no defective pills enter the accept bin. When bad product passes through the point where it is supposed to be rejected, a sensor triggers a safety trap that closes before the pill reaches the accept bin, and sets off an alarm, said Charles Belzile, TabletProof 360 product manager. “The system is designed to always protect the good pills, as we confirm the bad pill has been rejected. You do not have to re-run the good product,” Fallu added.
The unit is suitable for use in all aspects of production by tablet manufacturers and contract packagers. The system features tool-less changeover parts. Feedback such as on defect rates and total counts can be sent to production equipment. Featuring built-in HEPA filtration, the TabletProof 360 can be customized for dust management with the addition of an Aylward drag off system.
The unit will be available in spring 2013. “The response at Pack Expo was outstanding. Several of our key strategic customers and prospects confirmed this machine will provide a superior solution and a process which can be validated,” said Jonathan Rockman, president & CEO, Aylward.
Added Louis Roy, president of Optel Vision: “This is another example of Optel Vision’s mission and goal to release new and innovative technologies to continually improve patient safety.”
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