Packaging Innovations on Display at Interphex

The annual pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging show Interphex will be held April 20–22 in New York City at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. More than 900 solution providers whose equipment, products, and services focus on the needs of pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and medical device manufacturers will be present. Read on for previews of packaging on display.

An accompanying conference will feature three days of comprehensive educational opportunities to reflect the trends and challenges facing pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical professionals today. Attendees can choose from more than 70 sessions and workshops to acquire valuable knowledge.

Thousands of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry professionals will gather to meet one-on-one with technical experts, see the newest products and equipment, view live demonstrations, network, get expert advice to specific challenges, find resources and source new products, learn about emerging or changing trends, and to stay on top of every issue surrounding life sciences manufacturing. Attendees will find technological solutions and education for every aspect of drug manufacturing from process development through delivery to market.

Exhibitor Product Previews

Automatic Systems
One company will be demonstrating an automatic packaging system and semi-automatic Benchtop at Interphex. The semi-automatic Benchtop filler AdaptaFil’s patent pending technology features four easy-changeover metering systems, electronic networking capabilities, and sophisticated, user-friendly controls. The automatic Monobloc Fill/Finish packaging system will also be demonstrated at Interphex. These systems can perform a wide range of tasks such as sorting, feeding, filling, plugging, stoppering, crimping, capping, induction sealing, labeling, and accumulating. The Monobloc is engineered to perform multiple tasks within a compact footprint and the capabilities are constantly expanding and are tailored to customers’ needs. Filamatic, Baltimore, MD; 866/258-1914;
Booth #1773

Child-Resistant Packaging
Safety-Pak Plus, a new blister lidding material, will be introduced at Interphex. Safety-Pak Plus uses 50-micron opaque polyester film, a peelable release adhesive, and 25-micron (0.001-in.) aluminum foil laminated together. The resulting product is a functionally reliable peelable lidding providing adult consumers a package that they can open with greater ease than traditional paper based CR lidding materials. The product provides pharmaceutical packaging engineers with a material that will improve production efficiencies by promoting increased line speeds at lower and broader sealing temperatures to obtain package integrity. Safety-Pak Plus reaches acceptable adhesion to the PVC bottom web at lower heat seal temperatures when compared with traditional CR structures. The 0.2-sec dwell time is indicative of the sealing conditions on a rotary type thermoforming machine. The film used in the Peel-Push version  of Safety-Pak Plus can be printed on both sides prior to lamination, whichmay provide a covert anticounterfeiting solution. Winpak Heat Seal Packaging Inc., Canada; 450/424-0191;
Booth #566

Anticounterfeiting OVD
A hot stamping company will feature Trustseal, an optical security device that makes it easier to distinguish high-value, quality items from counterfeit goods, at Interphex. Trustseal is a form of an Optically Variable Device (OVD), that it exhibits sharper image contrasts at a wider variety of viewing angles and is easily recognizable even under unfavorable conditions, such as dim or diffused light. To increase the level of security, special elements such as lenses and contrasts can be integrated into the Trustseal; these naked-eye effects are backed up with hidden features  detectable with special viewing tools or under very high magnification. Trustseal can be employed as a label for identifying a product and as an effective marketing instrument. Leonhard Kurz Stiftung & Co. KG, Germany; +49 911 71 41 0;
Booth #1048

Vial Labeler
A company is introducing a pressure-sensitive labeler for small pharmaceutical and ophthalmic containers at Interphex. The Model 326 Auto-Colt III Vial Labeler features a servo-driven feedscrew and trunnion roll system for positive container handling and servo-driven label dispenser and applicator for accurate label placement. Ideal for round containers from 14.3 mm to 50.8 mm in diameter with shoulder heights from 20.6 mm to 76.2 mm, the Auto-Colt III Trunnion handles up to 300 containers per minute, applying wrap-around labels. A 10-in. Windows-based color touch screen control panel offers four levels of password-protected access. The Auto-Colt III Trunnion features a full barrier guard with front and back access doors and the main control panel is mounted on a pullout drawer for easy access. NJM/CLI, Lebanon, NH; 800/432-2990;
Booth #1863

Inspection System
A new slat counter inspector is being showcased at Interphex by a developer, manufacturer, and marketer of packaging line inspection systems. The high-performance inspection system provides slat counter machines with increased accuracy, which helps to avoid costly recalls. The slat counter inspector can inspect tablets, capsules, gel caps, and dual colored capsules and tablets. The cost-efficient, ergonomically designed unit detects rogue pills, missing, foreign object and material, broken, chipped, over or undersized, and overall product integrity. The slat counter inspector uses the latest generation of optical technology and vision algorithms. Optel Vision, Canada; 418/688-0334;
Booth #2928

Dosage Equipment
A selection of solid dosage machinery will be exhibited at Interphex. Oystar Manesty Flexitab is a fully automated, single station tablet press with a multi-layer tablet function. Its variable punch displacement and dwell time can be set to simulate compression on any rotary press using compression forces up to 100kN. Oystar Manesty XPRESS 300 Range Tablet Press is suitable for small to medium batch sizes. The compact XPRESS 300 offers benefits including high yields and weight consistency assisted by the zero clearance feeder design; 100 kN pre and main compression capability of a wide range of materials; MPOWER integrated control technology; and simple, rapid turret removal. The new generation of R&D rotary press introduced by OYSTAR Manesty XSpress is an eight- to 10-station press offering pre and main compression and also offers a unique hybrid turret with four B and four D punches. This flexible turret arrangement allows rapid format change without the need to exchange turrets. Oystar USA Inc., Fairfield, NJ; 973/227-5575;
Booth #1609

Self-Lifting Label
A provider of specialty pharmaceutical labeling solutions will be exhibiting a full line of specialty labels at Interphex. One of the many products to be featured is an approach to refining the company’s traditional Pharma-Comb labels. Schreiner’s new development delivers enhanced convenience and ease-of-use for multi-dose medications. After opening the upper label, the label parts underneath automatically rise for easy and efficient peel-off. Even when wearing gloves, healthcare personnel can easily detach the upright, self-lifting label parts and apply them to filled, disposable syringes. This product solution integrates with existing pharmaceutical manufacturing processes and offers patient safety through clear identification and traceability of the drug up to the time of administration. Schreiner MediPharm L.P., Blauvelt, NY; 845/848-9000;
Booth #655

High Speed Coding
The Wolke m600 advanced small character thermal ink jet (TIJ) printer for complex coding requirements is being showcased at Interphex. The printer enables high-speed coding of serialized data and many types of bar codes to be compatible with track-and-trace applications. Uptime performance is enhanced through features like quick ink cartridge  replacement and Wolke Universal Black ink. Available software packages increase functionality and productivity of the Wolke m600 advanced. With m600 advanced Label Designer, line operators can quickly and easily create and edit complex print labels with logos. The m600 advanced Ethernet Manager helps users manage and back up print data and perform software updates. Videojet Technologies Inc., Wood Dale, IL; 800/843-3610;
Booth #2310

Cryptoglygph security
A proprietary and patented security process provides invisible anti-counterfeiting marking with regular visible ink and standard printing processes. The key feature of Cryptoglyph is the regular printing of a pseudorandom pattern of thousands of microdots—10 to 50 microns—invisible to the naked eye and generated by a digital key of 128 bits. The varnish layer is also used to invisibly mark the packaging with micro thickness variations invisible to the naked eye and impossible to replicate. Existing production workflows in place for printing the non-secured packaging is used without extra production cost and without extra energy consumption. Product images can be verified by sending an image to a secured server via a Web application, using off-the-shelf office scanners or camera phones. Automated verification software returns the “Genuine-of-Fake” verdict in a few seconds. AlpVision also protect tablets and various jar closures against counterfeiting without additional marking, using intrinsic properties of molded or pressed parts. AlpVision SA, Switzerland; +41 21 948 6464;
Booth #725

Multilayer Vials
One company is presenting Cyclic Olefin Polymer (COP) multilayer vials at Interphex, made of a highly innovative plastic development for sensitive injection substances. The new multilayer vials are glass-clear, of standard dimensions, and almost unbreakable. This heavy-metal-free plastic is suitable for the demanding field of cytostatics and biopharmaceutics having thermally and mechanically durable qualities. With the new development, the injection specialists have enhanced these barrier properties—to several times that of vials consisting of COP alone—by combining two COP outer layers with a middle layer of polyamide. Gerresheimer Bunde GmbH, Germany; +49 5223 164 0;
Booth #1142

Capsule Fillers
One company will be exhibiting a wide range of capsule fillers and other packaging machinery at Interphex. Among the products highlighted will be LABBY, a modular, compact capsule filler that is fully automatic and can operate in either continuous or intermittent mode, depending on the dosing unit installed. Also on display will be the automatic Hasta Plunger Rod Inserting Machine designed to insert plunger rods into syringe barrels. It is available in speeds of 12,000 or 24,000 pieces per hour. MG America Inc., Fairfield, NJ; 973/808-8185;
Booth #1519

Security Foils
A converter of foils and films will be displaying a patented security foil that allows for fine-line graphics, text, logos, and microfeatures to be applied directly to the surface of the aluminum during the rolling process. Since the images are embedded in the foil, they cannot be removed and because the high precision laser technology that created CPI Security Foil is not readily known or available on the market, it cannot be imitated or copied by counterfeiters. Constantia Hueck Foils LLC, Blythewood, SC; 803/404-6581;
Booth #231

Oxygen Absorbers
One company has developed a family of specialty oxygen absorbers. StabilOx significantly reduces oxygen levels within the package to decrease the rate of oxidative degradation, while maintaining relative humidity at a specified level suited for chemical or physical stability, helping to address moisture-mediated chemical degradation of drug formulations. Available in a variety of delivery formats, including packets, labels, canisters and solid forms, these products offer flexibility to a range of healthcare applications and packaging operations. StabilOx solid forms are also suited for channeled thermoform and cold blisters packs and label formats. Multisorb Technologies Inc.; Buffalo, NY; 716/824-8900;
Booth #644

Single-Use Systems
A designer and manufacturer of single-use systems for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries offers flexible containers with sizes ranging from 50 mL to 3000 L. It can produce nearly any configuration as well as porting option. More than 1000 components and more than 90 tubing varieties are available along with access to all major filter manufacturers. Capabilities include high-volume manufacturing, Class 10,000 cleanrooms, sterilization, and
ISO 13485:2003 and FDA registrations. Advanced Scientifics, Millersburg, PA; 717/692-2104;
Booth #636

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