The Latest in Coding and Labeling


Validation System

A new RFID printer and applicator rejects invalidated tags before application. The Model 5300rfid is the latest in a company’s RFID SmartTrak label printer and applicator line which encodes, verifies, and applies pressure-sensitive labels to cartons and pallet loads. The new printer offers a selection of engines with thermal-transfer technology to produce SmartTrak labels with text, bar codes, and graphics at 203 or 300 dpi. The company offers a retrofit for users of its Model 5200 or 5300 label printer and applicator machines. Weber Marking Systems; 800/843-4242;

Programmable Printer

A company offers a label printer and applicator that works without an added computer. The automated 3010 and 3610 Smart Machines are based on new Datamax H-Class printers from the manufacturer. USB host ports, flash memory slots, and Windows drivers allow the new computers in the Uniwall series to be fully programmable. The machines can scan, look up, print, and apply labels. They also retain label formats when powered down, and maintain control of peripheral devices. Fox IV Technologies Inc; 877/436-2434;

Drug Labels

A company has introduced a labeling system specifically designed for pharmaceuticals. The Pharmaceutical Grade Labeling System features all stainless-steel construction, sanitary-style conveyor, bar code scanner, eject station with eject verification, and date and lot number printing by Videojet. Options include a vision system by Systec, Allen Bradley PLC control, color touch screen operator interface, and a full validation system. Quadrel Labeling Systems; 800/321-8509;

Cost Cutting

A manufacturer offers a new system with low-end to mid-range pricing. LabelSynergy allows new labels to be formatted and set up without needing separate software, allows for 99 variables in label formats, unlimited real-time variables including sequential number, time and date stamp, and the ability to store designs. Simple operating screens allow for minimized training for operators to manage static or moving lines, according to the manufacturer. Prisym ID Ltd., Charlotte, NC; 704/409-2351;

Ultrasmall Reader

A company introduces an ultrasmall fixed-mount bar code reader. The V400-R automatically recognizes commonly used bar codes and 2-D Data Matrix codes. A built-in aiming guide with green LED conditions the reading area for recognition. Front-view and side-view models are available for various customer needs. Omron Electronics LLC, Schaumburg, IL; 847/843-7900;

Carton Coding

A company introduces a new, quick changeover carton-coder. The ACF-400 prints with either thermal-transfer or hot-foil, and handles cartons, sleeves, blister packs, and leaflets from 0.1–6 mm thick. The offline printer handles both “crash lock” cartons and blister cards with either intermittent or continuous motion, which can be quickly switched via a touchpad. Speed, index length, and batch quantity are also set via the touchpad. The ACF-400 can be changed over in one minute without tools or changeparts, according to the manufacturer. Norwood Marking Systems; 800/626-3464;


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