Packaging Resource Center: The Latest in Films

Military-Spec Film

Two packaging films are designed to conform to military specification MIL-DTL-117H as Type II, Class C, Styles 1 or 2; and MIL-PRF-121G, Type I. The MLT1 film is opaque and the MLT2 film is clear. Both nine-layer coextruded films have high barrier properties, and are strong and designed for waterproof and greaseproof applications. The moisture-vapor and oxygen-transfer rates are low for both films. Both films are 4 mil thick and can accommodate direct printing and imprinting. They feature a built-in sealant layer designed to facilitate high-quality seals. The films are available on rolls in a range of sizes. Automated Packaging Systems, Streetsboro, OH; 330/342-2000;

High-Yield PETG Films

Two film product lines have been extended to include high-yield PETG films for general-purpose thermoforming and medical device packaging applications. Pentaform film for thermoforming and Pentamed film for medical device packaging are designed to provide a 30% improvement in yield over standard PETG films. Available in 15- to 60-ml thicknesses, the films are designed for tray and display packaging to enhance appearance while protecting the product. They feature a proprietary embossed-surface appearance and are sealable to a range of lid stock. The films are gamma, EtO, and E-beam sterilizable. Klöckner Pentaplast of America Inc., Gordonsville, VA; 540/832-3600;

No-Label Look

When used with a clear film, a high-tack, light-colored labeling adhesive is designed to give a no-label look. The ETI-Melt 396 adhesive can be used on wraparound labeling on glass, PVC, HDPE, and PET bottles with paper or poly labels in pick-up and overlap applications. The adhesive is designed to be used on all label stocks and substrates on cut-and-stack and roll-fed application equipment. Tack properties are designed to be strong enough to eliminate flagging at high line speeds. National Adhesives, a div. of National Starch and Chemical Co., Cincinnati, OH; 866/266-5565;

Clean-Peel Lidding

A sealant is designed to peel back without leaving any residue on the container. Allegro M sealant can be extrusion coated onto various substrates including film, foil, and paper. It seals at low temperatures. Typical applications include unit-of-use liquid medications, diagnostic cartridges, prefilled syringes, and medical devices. The sealant’s clean peel provides visual aesthetics. It can seal to various rigid-cup or tray structures, including those made of polypropylene, high-density polyethylene, and amorphous polyethylene terephthalate. It can withstand radiation sterilization. Rollprint Packaging Products Inc., Addison, IL; 630/628-1700;

Film and Foam

A line of protective packaging features a combination of tear-resistant film and cohesive foam padding. The two materials are laminated together to provide puncture and tear resistance as well as low abrasion levels within the packaging. The line includes three types of packaging wrap designed to afford various degrees of protection. Urban Wrap has a white outer surface designed to resist abrasion and rough handling. It sticks to itself but not the product. Rural Wrap looks and feels like Kraft paper and is designed to reduce slippage during handling and provide abrasion and tear resistance. Metro Wrap features a silver, highly reflective surface designed to act as a radiant barrier to protect against extreme temperatures. Valéron Strength Films, an ITW Co., Houston, TX; 713/462-6111;

Forming Films

A nylon/Aclar/polyethylene flexible forming web is designed to provide a high moisture barrier for pharmaceutical packaging requirements. Zicam forming web can be used to package medicated nasal swabs. Various gauges of Aclar are available to meet specific barrier requirements. The film is sealable to polyethylene-based peelable and nonpeelable foil laminations. Amcor Flexibles, Mundelein, IL; 973/635-0171;


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