Packaging Resource Center: The Latest in Inspection Equipment

Vision Inspection

A company offers a vision inspection machine for in-line operations involving bar codes, matrix codes, blemish checking, OCR/OCV, matching codes, and text quality. The LVS 7000 can also provide sequential and random number-checking and date and lot code verification. It can be mounted on a press or an inspection station. The machine is designed to run at line speed with interface to the host system. Label Vision Systems Inc., Peachtree, GA; 770/487-6414; www.

X-Ray Inspection

A real-time x-ray inspection system is designed to identify flaws in products made of soft materials such as molded plastics, rubber, and silicones. The MedaScope system inspects packaged pharmaceuticals, dispensers, and protective packaging. It is also powerful enough to inspect ceramic and metal medical devices. The system features high-resolution, x-ray microscope technology that uses variable image magnification up to 20 times to produce highly detailed images. It is available in a console version with an X/Y positioner or in a desktop version that weighs 45 lb. Optional features include a wheeled base and a conveyor system. Glenbrook Technologies Inc., Randolph, NJ; 973/361-8866;

Pinhole Detection

A manufacturer of inspection systems for pharmaceutical and medical device packaging offers a line of pinhole detectors designed for detecting microscopic defects in the packaging material. The IntelliScan line was designed in response to customer demands for sidewall hole detection in cold-form aluminum packaging. When detecting a hole in a sidewall cavity of an aluminum package, the hole appears much smaller than the actual size due to the angle of detection. The manufacturer addressed this concern by designing its machines to feature detection capabilities to less than 6µ. According to the manufacturer, this technology allows it to inspect the full area of the formed package without compromising the inspection sensitivity. The company also offers custom systems that increase inspection sensitivity to accommodate for multiple layers of materials that make up the package. IC Technologies Inc., Syracuse, NY; 315/423-5051;

Thickness Gauging Systems

Two measurement products designed as thickness gauges feature digital signal processing. The MBT 7200 and 7400 thickness gauges are portable devices that are designed to measure all types of nonferrous materials up to 10 mm thick using two sensors and a variety of ball sizes. The gauges’ sensor probes incorporate a process called integrated digital sensor processing in which all measuring signals are created and completely processed inside the sensor itself. Processed digital readings are transferred to the base unit for display, statistical analysis, and storage. They also feature multiple calibration modes up to five points, menu-controlled user interface, and context-sensitive on-line help. The gauges are battery operated, and the internal data logger and statistical functions facilitate data collection in production areas and QC laboratories. AGR International Inc., Butler, PA; 724/482-2163;

Capsule Inspection

A manufacturer of machine vision equipment offers a gel cap sorter. The machine is designed to check for holes and wrinkles in the ends of capsules. It also checks for defects on the sides, including improper locking rings. The machine operates at speeds of up to 20 capsules per second. Dunkley International Inc., Kalamazoo, MI; 800/ 666-1264;

Braille Inspection Option

A company offers a Braille inspection option for all of its inspection systems. The Proofiler line of print inspection systems featuring the option enables the system to compare embossed Braille with an electronic proof, just like any other font or alphabet. The option was developed in cooperation with a European folding carton manufacturer in response to upcoming European regulations requiring product information in embossed Braille to be present on all pharmaceutical boxes. The system is designed to catch content errors, version mix-ups, font changes, incorrect spacing, and overlapping, among other character attributes. EyeC-America LLC, Akron, OH; 330/644-6841;


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