Packaging Resource Center: The Latest in Package Testers

Multifunction Leak Tester

A leak tester provides multiple test capability, USB storage, and flexible communication formats. The Sentinel I-24’s new operating system features automatic part setup that can handle up to 99 programs and a Quik test feature that analyzes test results in real time. Processed on a 32-bit system, this device provides autocalibration and up to five programmable tool controls. Cincinnati Test Systems, Cleves, OH; 513/367-6699;

Noninvasive Oxygen Measurement

An oxygen measurement system enables noninvasive real-time oxygen monitoring for modified-atmosphere processing in both batch process and form-fill-seal MAP machines. The MAP 1000 system requires no sample atmosphere extraction and can take and log measurements as frequently as every second. The calibration chamber accessory calibrates oxygen measurement at narrower levels. Both devices measure low oxygen levels and can function from 0 to 21% oxygen sat­uration. OxySense, Dallas, TX; 214/ 575-7600;

Spectral Vibration Data Logger

A self-contained device records acceleration data for spectral analysis of vibration and peaks. The OM-CP-SVR101 records and times three-axis vibrations and peaks to record shock or vibration conditions. The SVR also measures temperature once per sample period. It computes real-time data using a fast Fourier transform and conserves memory by recording data only when conditions exceed the user-specified trigger level. The device’s uses include transportation and shipping applications, machinery failure detection, endurance testing, vehicle vibration, and materials research. Omega Engineering Inc., Stamford, CT; 203/359-1660;

Image-Based ID Reader

New lens accessories provide magnification to optimize the reading performance of this family of image-based readers. A new super-high-density (SHD) lens kit allows the DataMan 100 family to read codes with cell sizes as small as 2 mil (0.05 mm). The new C-mount lens adapter extends the range of lenses that can be used. The readers support 1-D and 2-D technologies including PharmaCode, GS1 DataBar (formerly Reduced Space Symbology), Composite Symbology PDF417, MicroPDF, and postal codes. The DataMan 100 offers easy setup with integrated illumination, beeper, adjustable optics, a built-in aimer, and a push-button trigger. Cognex Corp., Natick, MA; 877/264-6391;

High-Speed Motion Recorder

A vision system monitors fast motion sequences to provide fault localization and analysis and diagnosis of se­quences. The Compact Vision System SBOC-M/SBOI-M integrates into existing installations; its commissioning uses PC software. The device features Ethernet connectivity and IP65/67 on-machine mounting. It can sample 185 to 2000 images per second and record input/output characteristics. The Compact Vision System is portable with integrated electronics. Festo Corp., Hauppauge, NY; 631/435-0800;

Linear Position Testing Unit

With an overall resolution of 79 nm, this testing unit for the calibration of linear position sensors is based on a belt-driven linear module. The system allows compensation for temperature and pressure variations and performs test functions 20% faster than its predecessor. The Universal Tester III allows the manufacturer to automatically map the linearity error of each sensor and program a compensated output characteristic into them. A granite base and a guide composed of an actuator box with a palette on top that moves and holds the magnets, the read head of the laser, and the interferometer, make the device stable in both up-and-down and side-to-side movements. MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Division, Cary, NC; 919/677-0100;


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