Selected Verbatim Responses to PMP News 2006 Healthcare Packaging Trends Survey



Question: What challenges do you face in meeting packaging objectives?

“RFID technology is not there yet.”

“An inability to get good consistent quality in packaging components.”

“Balancing cost and compliance.”

“Copy requirements and type size are increasing with limited space.”

“More requirements for child resistance of F=1 and larger number of tablets in each compliance pack.”

“Cost-effectiveness in a generic market.”

“Filling high-viscosity solutions without bubbles.”

“Finding the right supplier that can deliver the correct specification.”

“Haven’t found any packaging that eliminates diversion. And anticounterfeiting packaging is so easily defeated and copied that it makes it difficult to justify the investment.”

“Infrequent and intermittent problems with quality of supply.”

“Minimizing leachable issues and minimizing uptake of critical solution components.”

“Most of the new great ideas are cost-prohibitive for veterinary pharmaceutical products. We typically ride the coattails of human health trends.”

“Satisfactory seals to meet desired shelf life and expiry.”


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