Selected Verbatim Responses to PMP News 2007 Healthcare Packaging Trends Survey

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Question: What challenges do you face in meeting packaging objectives?


"Balancing costs versus risks."


"Challenges are facing us all the time, especially with counterfeiting, RFID, new FDA labeling guidelines, etc."

"Cold-chain package and shipment being cost-effective against all temperature zones."

"Cost and availability of goods."

"Difficult to get corporate headquarters to cooperate with any improvements in packaging."

"Ever-rising packaging costs."

"Foreign counterfeiting."

"High costs of production due to labor intensity of inspection processes."

"Increasing competition from contract packagers."

"Less space for bar codes and printed registration marks."

"Low-volume high SKU."

"Material selection."

"Meeting requirements of partners."

"Our bottles are small, so getting all of the appropriate information on the label is difficult."

"Regulatory approval."

"Some product packages are small and require a large amount of information."

"Space on the packaging."

"Sufficient labeling space to allow for acceptable size of text."

"Time restraints."

"Time to market with meeting all regulatory and quality requirements."

"Timelines, material availability, management of external resources."

Question: How do you feel that material, machinery, and service providers are helping your company meet its pharmaceutical or medical packaging objectives?

"Improving insulation r-value inexpensively."

"Meeting package blueprint specs. "

"Need help with consolidation."

"Need them to be proactive with ideas or alternatives."

"Nondestructive seal testing of Tyvek pouches."

"Our company needs to better define our requirements to vendors of machinery and packaging materials."

Question: Why does your company package pharmaceuticals in containers specifically for the patient?

"An informed patient is the best customer."

"At-home administration is more convenient."

"Ease of dosing."

"For convenience, accuracy, marketability. It makes it easier for the pharmacy to dispense."

"Patient compliance."

"Unit dose and fragile product requires special packaging."

"We try to make dosing easy for the patients. If administration is easy, compliance is better."

Why not package for the patient?

"Because it's too expensive to package."

"Bulk packaged materials are sent to kit packagers."

"They are administered by health professionals not patients."

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