Tubes: New Developments in Decorating

By Marie Redding

Suppliers are investing in new equipment and processes for printing on both laminate and extruded tubes.
While most suppliers say reducing margins and cutting costs are priorities for most of their customers, Berry Plastics ( is reporting the opposite.

Jerry Ruud, vice president, sales & marketing, Berry Plastics, has been seeing more retailers’ private label brands, such as products by CVS and Walgreens, upgrading to more high-end tubes that are decorated extensively.

“They want their tubes to reflect value, without coming across as a knock-off brand. The changes they are making come at a higher cost, but achieve their goal of adding value to their brand,” says Ruud.

Doug Jackson, market manager, North America, Albéa (, has a similar opinion. “We’re definitely seeing more enhanced decorations in the market, in an effort to differentiate a tube by having the graphics stand out on store shelves.”
CCL Tube ( offers direct decorating capabilities and processes for its extruded tubes. The supplier has the ability to print eight-color artwork in both offset and screen-printing processes, according to Andy Iseli, general manager, CCL Tube.

“In addition, we have developed specialized metallic and tactile screen print inks,” he says.

Essel Propack ( has a new state-of-the-art combination printing press with flexo, silk-screen, and hot-foil options. The supplier has been partnering with a number of different companies to develop processes for new decorating techniques, which include 3-D and holographic imaging on laminate substrate.

Essel Propack is also working with new prepress technologies, such as a high-definition printing style utilizing patent screen angles called Stealth-printing, which can be used on its extruded tubes.

“We have the capability to do dry-offset printing in high-definition. We’re also developing innovative ways to use specialty UV inks and special spectrum, anti-counterfeit ink, but these are still in the early design and development stage,” says Sojourner.

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