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TOSS Machine Components

The company’s new Web site makes it possible for users to download user manuals, view photo­graphs and technical charts, keep abreast of news and other events, and order publications. Visitors to the Web site can also check out the company’s temperature controllers and heat-seal bars and bands, order the 9-Steps booklet, and learn more about controllers. A number of PDF documents can be downloaded, including operating instructions, technical sheets, and upgrade documentation. The site also includes FAQ and a site map for easy navigating.

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Kurve Technology Inc.

A blog to address issues related to nasal-drug delivery formulation, research, delivery, and devices was launched by a developer of nasal-drug delivery devices. The blog creators invite scientists, researchers, and pharmaceutical executives to exchange information and comment on relevant clinical research, recently published journal articles, and events and conferences. Thought-provoking posts on systemic, topical, and nose-to-brain delivery are welcomed. The company’s CEO is quoted as saying that the aim of the blog is to create on online forum for open communication in the nasal-delivery industry. The posts are written by his executive team as well as by guest contributors. Drug-delivery professionals are encouraged to submit nonpromotional posts in an e-mail to blog@kurvetech.com. The company that created the blog provides nasal-delivery technologies for topical, systemic, nose-to-brain medical therapies and vaccines.

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A manufacturer, filler, and packager of consumer products, including over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, has announced its new Web site. The site features a new design, an updated navigation system, information about career opportunities, and a section devoted to the company’s eco-friendly GeoPack line. It also has expanded its sections pertaining to its R&D labs, filling capabilities, manufacturing, QA and QC, stretch carding, packaging, engineering and package design, sourcing and turnkey solutions, and FAQ.

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Alpha Packaging

A manufacturer of bottles and jars has recently added 215 new items to its online catalog. The addition is a result of the company’s acquisition of another container manufacturing company earlier this year. Most of the newly added products are made of extrusion-blow-molded HDPE; several new polypropylene, PET, and PETG containers appear online as well. Product lines that were recently added to the site include nine styles of HDPE wide-mouth bottles and jars and five styles of HDPE narrow-neck bottles, as well as some specialty containers designed for specific applications. Samples of most of the newly acquired stock items are available using the Sample Request form on the Web site. The catalog features full-color photographs and a number of size charts. Each of the items made at the company’s Michigan plant is clearly marked with the letters MI in the online catalog. This designation assists customers in knowing which products are new ones manufactured in the plant gained in the acquisition.

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