Automated Packaging Systems Debuts Protective Packaging Materials

Automated Packaging Systems has introduced three new materials for the AirPouch FastWrap protective packaging system, which produces cellular cushioning wrap and air-filled tubes on demand.
The company is also featuring at Pack Expo Las Vegas new laminated Autobag bags-on-a-roll and SidePouch anti-fog specialty bags, and new Stand-up Pouches for its SidePouch FAS SPrint Revolution Bagging System.
The portable, benchtop AirPouch FastWrap protective packaging system reduces the storage and shipping costs of large, bulky rolls of pre-filled protective wrapping material by producing the material as needed at the packing station. The 24-inch wide FastWrap material is available for wrapping and protecting extra-large products. The material features an exclusive channel-filled honeycomb design which allows multi-directional wrapping and improved product protection. 24-inch FastWrap is available in both standard LLDPE and EarthAware  Biodegradable blend, the company said.
AirPouch FastWrap Anti-Static bubble on demand is engineered to protect products that may be harmed by static discharge, such as electrical and electronic components. The linear low-density polyethylene material is amine free and compatible with silver solder and polycarbonate materials. The AirPouch FastWrap HD film provides superior strength and durability for demanding protective packaging applications.
“We’re excited to add these much-anticipated new products to our AirPouch family of protective packing materials,” said Chris Rempe, product management director. “By introducing FastWrap 24-inch, FastWrap HD, and FastWrap Anti-Static bubble-on-demand products, we are now able to provide more customers with even more high quality shipping solutions.”
Two new high-performance bag packaging materials for the company’s line of Autobag and SidePouch systems feature newly engineered materials manufactured to the highest quality specification to ensure consistency and guaranteed operation on Automated Packaging Systems’ equipment, the company said.
The new Autobag and SidePouch laminated bags provide a high-gloss finish for maximum brand impact and superior retail shelf appeal. A new SidePouch Anti-Fog film is engineered for clarity in fresh produce applications where product respiration creates condensation inside the bag.
Also, the company has introduced new Stand-up Pouches for its SidePouch FAS SPrint Revolution Bagging System. The SidePouch Stand-up Pouches are available in sizes from 4 to12 inches wide and 5 to 16.75 inches long. Gussets are 2 to 8 inches wide in one inch increments. These pouches can be pre-printed in up to ten colors and are laminated for gloss, stiffness and excellent tear properties.
“Our new Stand-up Pouches coupled with the FAS SPrint Revolution offers a truly unique solution for customers who want to use this type of packaging, but cannot justify the expense of a horizontal form/fill/seal or rotary pouch system,” said Rempe. “This system is engineered for optimum productivity with an economical price point that makes it the most cost-effective Stand-up Pouch System on the market.”
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