California State Board of Pharmacy Announces Agenda for Next E-Pedigree Meeting

The California State Board of Pharmacy will be holding an E-Pedigree Committee Meeting in El Segundo, CA, on September 26, 2013. The meeting is open to the public and it will also be broadcast via a Webcast.

The CA BoP reports it will address the following:

  • The status of proposed regulations to implement serialized numeric identifiers, grandfathering, and manufacturer reporting of serialized products.
  • The status of proposed regulations for use in drop shipments.
  • Possible regulation requirements to permit inference.
  • Possible regulation requirements on the certification process to comply with California's E-Pedigree Law.

The meeting will also include presentations and questions from members of the pharmaceutical supply chain on their readiness to meet California's E-Pedigree rules. 

The CA BoP's next meeting of the E-Pedigree Committee will be December 10 in San Francisco.

For details on the location and agenda as well as the link to the Webcast, please click here on the post from the Licensing Committee Meeting:

For a complete list of meetings please go to

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