FLEXcon Europe Earns Award for Use in Schreiner MediPharm's Needle-Trap

FLEXcon Europe has been recognized with the New Product of the Year Award at the 2013 Scottish Business Awards for use as a component in Needle-Trap, a labeling solution from Schreiner MediPharm. The Product of the Year event in June featured former President Bill Clinton as the keynote speaker.

Needle-Trap had been nominated by Scotland-based FLEXcon. “Needle-Trap can be adapted to all commonly used syringe dimensions. Due to the simple design, the specialty labels can be easily processed on conventional labeling equipment,” said Gene Dul, President of Schreiner MediPharm U.S., in a statement. The syringe label meets the requirements of the regulatory authorities for safety and quality, including the new EU Directive 2010/32/EU, and has been awarded 510(k) certification by the U.S. FDA.

“Our experts from FLEXcon, together with Schreiner MediPharm, selected the material, surface coating, adhesive and liner according to the requirements of this special application,” said Lee Macnamara, Application Development and Marketing Director for FLEXcon Europe. “With our product we’re offering Schreiner MediPharm a customised solution that is tailored exactly to meet the needs of the application.”

Visual clarity was a key requirement, because syringe contents must be visible after label application. The label also needed to be able to support conventional printing and subsequent variable marking. Finally, the pressure-sensitive label required high tack force for adhesion to glass syringes and the plastic needle-trapping device. Polyester was selected given its dimensional stability, optical clarity, and chemical resistance. Schreiner also requested that the topcoat be suitable for conventional printing methods and other marking techniques as well as for anticounterfeiting features.

FLEXcon's pressure-sensitive label material met such requirements and now serves as integral component in Needle-Trap.

For more details on the awards, visit http://www.scottishbusinessawards.co.uk/.

For details on FLEXcon, visit www.flexcon.com, and for Schreiner Medipharm, visit www.schreiner-medipharm.com. 

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