Ideal Implant Inc., to Sell Revolutionary Breast Implant Design to Valeant Pharmaceuticals Pending FDA Approval

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) October 10, 2013

Ideal Implant Inc., today announced that the company has signed a definitive agreement to sell its IDEAL IMPLANT® to Valeant Pharmaceuticals, subject to pending FDA approval. As part of this transaction, Ideal Implant Inc., will receive a purchase price based on revenue in sales within a three-year span. The transaction, which is reported to close in a matter of days, is subject to completion of its final phase in nation-wide clinical trials with FDA approval.

The IDEAL IMPLANT® is a patent-protected, saline-filled breast implant uniquely designed to contour the chest wall and feel similar to a silicone gel implant, while giving an appearance nearly identical to that of natural breasts. Dr. Robert Hamas, an acclaimed cosmetic plastic surgeon, is the master-mind behind the innovative design. Dr. Hamas reached out to Eric Hansen, a entrepreneur with an proven track record of success in medical device manufacturing, as well as IP (intellectual property}, to partner and lead production of the implant. The powerhouse team raised millions to file an investigational device exemption (IDE) study with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) back in March of 2008. Now, five years later, the IDEAL IMPLANT is just inches away from gaining FDA approval, pending completion of its fourth and final phase of a nation-wide clinical trial. Based on his previous experience with other similar IDE studies, Eric Hansen said confidently that "[FDA] approval is imminent and the acquisition will be fruitful."

To learn more about what local doctors think about the technology, who better to ask than Dr. Jeffrey Adelglass, a highly regarded Dallas Cosmetic Surgeon, "it's exciting that women will now have another choice for safe and natural breast enhancement. At Skintastic Dallas, we pride ourselves on helping patients become more beautiful, utilizing safe and natural methods," said Adelglass.

Patients visit Skintastic for this very reason, breast enhancement that looks natural. Skintastic offers an impressive menu of services, one being fat transfer utilizing one's own fat, removed by liposuction, which is then transferred to the breast, and/or even the face."

"This breast implant certainly sounds promising," concluded Dr. Adelglass, the Surgical Director for Skintastic Dallas.

About Dr. Robert Hamas

Dr. Robert Hamas is a board certified surgeon with over 30 years of experience in cosmetic plastic surgery. As a noted pioneer in advanced surgical procedures, Dr. Hamas was amongst the first surgeons in Dallas to perform liposuction surgery. Since then, Dr. Hamas has remained above the curve in medical technology, having founded Ideal Implant Incorporated, highlighting his original design of the cutting-edge breast implant made from standard saline implant shells, valves and patches, using a saline-only filler. Dr. Hamas and the Ideal Implant inevitably gained approval in the media, retaining editorials in considerable recognized publications and featured appearances on national television, including a guest appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

About Eric Hansen

Eric Hansen is a leading intellectual property manufacturer and recognized for founding two prosperous spinal implant companies in Dallas, including Blackstone Medical that was sold to Orthofix International N.V. for $333 million in 2006. Hansen’s manufacturing prowess in the spine market involves stem cell and minimally invasive expandable devices with percutaneous approaches to the spine. Apart from the currently coexisting arsenal of comprehensive spinal implants, Hansen’s contributions are sought to aid in the synergy between his respected surgeon relationships and dynamic medical products.

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