Pack Expo Las Vegas 2013

More than 1600 exhibitors and 26,000 attendees are expected at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2013, which will take place September 23-25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The show will include industry-specific pavilions and features such as the Pharmaceutical Pavilion as well as the Brand Zone, which will highlight innovative containers and materials for creating competitive point-of-sale packaging and building consumer loyalty.

Seminars from exhibitors will be featured on the Innovation Stage, along with a series of presentations from Mintel, a global market research and analysis firm. The Association Pavilion provides educational guidance for trends, technologies, regulatory changes, sustainability measures, and ways to streamline efficiency.

Exhibitors offering sustainable packaging solutions will be identified on the show floor and in exhibitor listings by the PACK EXPO Green logo.

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Exhibitor Products

Inspection Systems
A manufacturer of in-line product inspection systems will introduce five new inspection systems at Pack Expo Las Vegas. The new systems include the Safeline X3301 X-ray inspection system, which combines a single vertical X-ray beam and new high-sensitivity detector technology to allow the integration of a low power (20W) X-ray generator; the HI-Speed SST CW Checkweigher, a compact over-the-line weighing system that briefly lifts oval and round packages off the conveyor for accurate weighing, eliminating time-consuming transfers from production conveyor to weigher; the HI-Speed XS2/D15 Conveyor CW Checkweigher, which delivers accurate weights, ease of use, and flexible integration over a wide weighing range; the CI-Vision V6300 adaptable vision inspection system, a machine vision solution that supports up to five cameras and uses powerful software to perform multiple package inspections simultaneously, including ID/OD, ovality, formation defects, label position and quality, closure application, fill level and 1D and 2D bar codes; and the CI-Vision RPC Rigid Plastic Container Inspection System, a machine vision system that ensures high quality control of rigid container neck threads and container formation and detects body material defects and contamination. Many of the systems will be operational in the booth. METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection Group, consisting of CI-Vision, PharmaControl Electronic (PCE), Hi-Speed and Safeline, Tampa, FL; 813/889-9500;
Booth #C-941

Sachet Machine
A system features a space-saving design for four-side-sealed sachets provides several contour sealing possibilities and easy opening devices. The Flexibag Si-500 features programmable sealing parameters (time, pressure, and temperature). An Allen-Bradley ControlLogix/CompactLogix PLC with OIT and Ethernet communication provides control of machine functions, and a user-friendly touchscreen operator interface includes product information, alarms, warning messages, and production data. Up to 40 product records can be stored for retrieval through the PanelView Plus 6 1000 touchscreen operator interface. Features include a height-adjustable film roll mounting for easy roll loading, a servo driven film drive, film reels up to 800 mm in diameter, a PLC controlled web edge guiding system allowing for reliable film runs with all packaging materials, and an optional integrated printing system. The Circle Flexibag Si-500 is designed to package thin to viscous liquids, pastes, powders or granulated products. Speeds up to 1400 packages per minute can be achieved depending on package size and packaging material to be used. The Si-500 model accommodates web widths of 500 mm, and the optional Si-600 model accommodates web widths up to 600 mm. Circle Packaging Machinery Inc., De Pere, WI; 920/983-3420;
Booth # C-1725

Automation Solutions
PC-based control hardware and software updates will be highlighted at the show for automation applications. The company’s eXtended Transport System (XTS), TwinCAT 3.1 PC-based control software with eXtended Automation, eXtreme Fast Control (XFC) with EtherCAT, and high-performance PC-based controllers and more will be demonstrated. The eXtended Transport System (XTS) can provide advanced EtherCAT-based control technology for product packaging with variable product flow, complex material handling lines, and much more. TwinCAT 3.1 offers new features for eXtended Automation, such as support of 64-bit operating systems and the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system specifically. Support of IEC 61131-3 programming languages is continued, providing numerous optional tools to the TwinCAT programmer such as object-oriented programming (OOP), C/C++ and Matlab®/Simulink. TwinCAT 3.1 also provides the ability to reserve individual CPU cores of a multi-core processor exclusively for TwinCAT. This feature, known as "CPU Isolation," gives the full performance of the reserved cores solely to TwinCAT. Other offerings include a high-performance, low-cost pick-and-place robot controlled by one Beckhoff Embedded PC running TwinCAT software, and PC-based controllers and EtherCAT Terminals covering functions such as vibration, temperature, and energy monitoring as well as condition monitoring. Cloud connectivity from packaging machinery on the plant floor is possible. Beckhoff, Savage, MN.
Booth #C-2927

Outserting Line
An outserting system features a cost-effective, efficient solution. The combining the company’s TopSerter Outsert Applicator and ECOM Extended Capacity Outsert Module allows workers to simultaneously preload up to 24 trays into a finger-safe conveyance system. It boasts speeds up to 250 bottles per minute and feeds both flat and folded outserts from the magazine and places them on a bottle cap, carton, or other flat surface. outserting line with its TopSerter II and E.C.O.M. machines. MGS Machine, Maple Grove, MN 763/425-8808 x 804;
Booth #C-4517

A new software suite for product labeling and identification has been developed for use in regulated industries such as pharmaceutical, medical device, food, and others. cheQAssure was developed to provide users with a high level of confidence that regulatory requirements are met. Various software suites provide batch verification and quality control. Secondary suite applications include solutions for anti-counterfeiting, diversion, track and trace, and returns. Nutec Systems Inc., 609/912-0145.
Booth #C-1838

Heat Sealer
A new validatable impulse heat sealer with touchscreen control provides a graphical display of temperature/ time/ pressure with various time sequence possibilities and visual/audible alarms. The NEW PW3400 is designed for quality, reliable sealing of plastics and sealable composites in a medical packaging, research and development, or production. The tabletop unit measures 16 by 24 in., can operate with single or dual bands, and can be fitted with any one of more than 300 different TOSS Alloy 20-C heatseal bands, depending on the results desired. Vacuum and gas purge are available as options, as are water-cooled jaws, NIST traceable certification, and more. PackworldUSA, Nazareth, PA; 610/746-2765;;
Booth #C-828

Coding and Marking
A company will be exhibiting three new solutions on display in the United States for the first time. These include the Linx 5900 continuous ink jet printer, the Linx TJ725 thermal inkjet printer, and the Linx SL102 and SL302 scribing laser coders. The new Linx 5900 has been designed to provide maximum flexibility and consistently reliable coding, and offers the lowest maintenance costs in its class along with extended service intervals of up to 6,000 hours. It offers a large 1000 message memory store and built-in USB for faster code changes. For reduced coding errors, the large and easy-to-use color user interface provides prompted coding fields for quick and easy message creation, and the SureFill system ensures mistake-proof fluid refills. The Linx TJ725 incorporates Simply Smart Technology to offer a high resolution, digital solution for coding onto outer cases, boxes, shelf ready trays and packaging. Supplied in just a few pieces out of the box, the Linx TJ725 is simple to fit without needing a service engineer or specialist installation tools. No training is needed and you can be up and running within minutes. The Linx TJ725 can cut waste and save money because it is ready to print straight away every time and with no hidden service costs, increasing production line efficiency. The Linx SL102 10 Watt and the Linx SL302 30 Watt laser coders can be fine tuned and customized to individual materials, line speeds and code requirements ensuring quality coding onto a wide range of customer applications. Choosing a Linx SL laser coder also assures reliability, with longer laser tube life, less downtime and lower cost. Additional products on display will be the award-winning Linx CJ400 and Linx 7900 continuous ink jet printers and the Linx TT5 thermal transfer overprinter. Linx Printing Technologies.
Booth #S-5866

Sachet Machine
A vertical sachet machine can produce up to 160 sachets per minute. Operated by intermittent motion, the Beta 200 Vertical Sachet Machine forms, fills, and seals sachets ranging from 40-200 millimeters in width, 50-170 mm in length, and 0.1-100 milliliters in volume. The Beta 200 is composed completely of aluminum and stainless steel and contains dosers for powders, granules, pastes, liquids, and wet wipes. The machine’s film unwinding is performed by synchronized brushless servomotors for constant film tension and automatic reel alignment. Quality control includes N-line check-weighing with an automatic, tolerance-controllable reject system, as well as auto-regulation of the doser. Following the form-fill-seal process, sachets are collated in an orderly fashion accordingly to user-specified groupings. The Beta 200 conforms with GMP criteria for ease of cleaning, and meets both FDA and CE regulations. The Beta 200 can memorize up to 30 working programs, and offers coding systems for the required data to manufacture both embossed and ink-jet printed sachets. All programmable data is entered and edited via touch screen, and the machine also can be monitored via modem – useful for remote assistance. MG America, a subsidiary of MG2, Bologna Italy, Fairfield, NJ; 973/808-8185;
Booth #C-47222

High-Speed Conveyors
High-speed chain-driven conveyors can reach speeds up to 495 FPM while maintaining product stability. This allows manufacturers added versatility on their packaging lines, should they require the added conveyor speed. Utilizing the latest controls technology of PLCs, motion control devices, servo-motors and variable-speed zoning, Shuttleworth conveyors are designed to provide gentle product handling and precise product placement, particularly for use in the food, pharmaceutical, electronics, printing and solar industries where these criteria are critical. The high-speed conveyors can also be integrated with the company’s patented Slip-Torque low-line backpressure technology for handling delicate products, and its and Servo-Infeed technology for ultra-precise product infeed, such as into wrapping equipment. Shuttleworth LLC, a div. of Pro Mach, Huntington, IN; 260/359-7844;
Booth #C-2121

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