PharmaSmart® and Rexall Announce Breakthrough in Medication Therapy Management

Rochester, NY (PRWEB)

PharmaSmart International, Inc. announced a partnership with Rexall and its pharmacy software division, Propharm that integrates PharmaSmart interoperable biometric screening technology with Rexall's dispensing system. This new biometric integration triggers timely patient interventions, counseling sessions, and increases MTM for hypertensive patients.

Rexall pharmacists are presented alerts within the electronic patient record, which informs the pharmacist to the patient's specific biometric screening status. Icon status is based on average readings and in the most severe cases, urgent alerts trigger immediate intervention and referral to follow up care when indicated. Also, the pharmacist has access to an advanced clinical portal allowing an in depth overview of the patient's biometric history.

This data is integrated into standardized medication review sessions and comprehensive program data is available to assess risk stratification and biometric trending geographically and across the full patient population.

Tracey Phillips, VP of Pharmacy Services at Rexall said, "With chronic diseases like hypertension, drug therapy is complex and medication adherence is historically poor. This new tool leverages our community pharmacists and advanced Health IT to drive improved management of chronic disease. This new technology enables pharmacists to practice to their full scope, make the necessary interventions and provide a more complete level of care to the patient. We worked closely with PharmaSmart and our Propharm division to operationalize the program, ensuring fluid workflow integration so that it can be scaled and sustained over the long term."

PharmaSmart COO, Ashton S. Maaraba states "Rexall has been an outstanding partner for PharmaSmart throughout this project. This program can help close the systemic gaps in chronic disease management which place a huge economic burden on the Canadian healthcare system. Rexall has shown strong industry leadership with this deployment and we are confident this program will help drive improved medication adherence, patient outcomes, and the overall health of Canadians nationwide."