Pharmorx Security Partners with MSO Packaging and Sun Chemical for Authentication Solution, Including a New iPhone App

The MSO/Sun Chemical technology is designed to provide a full range of overt and covert security features through security design and security printing. MSO offers numerous types of security labels and cartons, which employ the technology of Sun Chemical. Through its AuthentiTrack system, Pharmorx Security is able to provide unprecedented abilities when it comes to serialization and track and trace, offering unique identification down to the unit level. Serialization solutions are provided through variable data printing of unique numbers or bar codes utilizing MSO packaging and printing solutions, which employ Sun Chemical technologies, including their specialty inks and proprietary taggants, ultimately developing a turnkey packaging line, powered by AuthentiTrack.
To ensure product integrity, and management of supply chain distribution, AuthentiTrack offers clients the unique ability to track the life history of each and every unit of a given product. For example, AuthentiTrack can trace a pharmaceutical tablet, from the time it’s manufactured to the time it reaches the patient. AuthentiTrack captures every ‘event’ or ‘touch’ of each product unit, giving clients the ability to closely monitor their products throughout the supply chain.  With access to all the data behind these events, clients have a leg up on counterfeiters and diverters.
“By combing our efforts and technologies, we are able to offer the broadest range of features and services to go from cradle to grave in terms of brand protection,” says Sun Chemical Brand Protection Manager, Philip Berrie. “I believe the alliance of these three companies provide an unprecedented solution for product security and brand integrity, to continue the ongoing battle against counterfeiting and diversion control,” adds MSO Chief Executive Officer, Dominic Walsh.
In conjunction with the new multi-layered approach to brand protection, Pharmorx Security is introducing its new iPhone application for authentication and track and trace.  The unique application enables the iPhone to be used to scan a 2-D bar code, which contains a unique serial number, lot code, and expiration date of the product.  Because these codes have been generated by the Pharmorx AuthentiTrack system, the data resulting from the iPhone scan will be used to connect with the AuthentiTrack database. This allows consumers to authenticate products and access a wide range of data including product history, and promotional information such as discount coupons. Human readable codes can also be input into the iPhone.
“I think that our combined ability to offer unit dose serialization far exceeds what’s currently available in the brand protection market, stated Pharmorx president and CEO, Steve Wood. This feature is exceedingly important, especially in the pharmaceutical industry where there are increasing safety requirements and growing initiatives for serialization such as what’s taking place in the European market,” he adds.
Pharmorx Security, MSO, and Sun Chemical will be demonstrating their integrated security packaging, printing and authentication solutions at this year’s Brand Protection show on September 16 – 17 in London, England Booth 122.

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