Protecting Your Supply Chain

The complexity of today’s pharmaceutical supply chain requires new approaches to managing and mitigating risk, reports Gary Hutchinson, president of Modality Solutions. “Monitoring the cold chain has evolved significantly in the last five years. New real-time approaches and the reapplication of existing technologies have changed the game,” he says.

To share some new approaches, Hutchinson will join Lisa Fuller-Howard of UPS Healthcare Logistics in the Webcast October 15, “Managing Risk in Your Cold Chain.”

For instance, Hutchinson says that “You have start with product development, continue through packaging design, and tightly manage and control your supply chain.

“Cold chain integrity is really all about integrating your cold chain management systems into a seamless, coordinated response to the environmental hazards and chain of custody risks in your pharmaceutical supply chain,” he adds.

In this Webcast, attendees will learn:

  • How to identify the supply chain risks that could impact your products
  • Examples of real-world conditions of multi modal transportation
  • How to develop formal risk assessment and mitigation programs
  • How to use new technology and approaches to manage risks
  • How to maintain supply chain integrity

Hutchinson and Fuller-Howard will explore a real world case study during the Webcast on evaluating the risk of multi-modal transportation in order to illustrate tools and strategies. Attendees are invited to submit questions on supply chain options and practical risk mitigation strategies.

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