QuickLabel Offers Color Label Printer for Wide Labels

QuickLabel Systems is announcing the worldwide release of its newest wide-width inkjet color label printer, the Kiaro! 200, at PackExpo in Las Vegas.
The Kiaro! 200 is capable of printing high-quality 1200 dpi high resolution labels that measure up to 8 inches wide by more than 17 inches long, at speeds of 8 inches per second. This new printer is intended to satisfy the short-run labeling needs of manufacturers of large-size products within the chemical, dietary supplement, and food industries, among others, the company said.
The Kiaro! 200 joins the standard Kiaro! label printer, which enables manufacturers to print labels from 1-4 inches in width. “Based on feedback we have received from hundreds of our Kiaro! customers around the world, we believe that the Kiaro! is the most reliable high-speed in-house label printer technology on the market,” said Eric E. Pizzuti, general manager. “With the invention of our Kiaro! 200 color label printer, we can now serve new manufacturers, whose larger products require wider label widths, and who need to print color labels on demand, in-house.”
QuickLabel Systems says that the original standard-width Kiaro! label printer has laid the groundwork for the wider Kiaro! 200 to provide consistent operation, and repeatable, high-quality performance. The Kiaro! 200 automatically detects when cleaning is necessary and performs automatic cleanings without wasting a label. According to the Company, the Kiaro! 200 prints on an impressive array of substrates including gloss paper and polypropylene, yielding durable labels that are ready to use as they exit the label printer.
According to the company, the Kiaro! 200 is easy to use, operate and set up. The fully-integrated design is user-friendly, allowing operators to quickly load labels and inks and begin printing their labels in-house.  The print drivers of the Kiaro! 200 are compatible with all major labeling software including QuickLabel’s own included Custom QuickLabel, as well as third-party software such as NiceLabel and Bartender.
The wide color label printer is currently being debuted also at Label Expo in Brussels, and Fachpack in Nuremberg.
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