Reusable Shipper Services

Almac’s Clinical Services business unit has added refrigerated reusable shippers to its services supporting the management and global distribution of temperature controlled clinical supplies. Available as an option to replace single-use shippers for refrigerated shipments held at 2°C to 8°C, the reusable shippers can significantly reduce shipping and storage costs while maintaining payload capacity, it was reported.

The reusable shippers feature identical product space with a smaller overall volume than single-use shippers, which can reduce shipping and storage costs. In addition, the environmental impact caused by single-use shippers is virtually eliminated. The refrigerated shippers have been verified by the company’s quality team for temperature accuracy and meet its rigorous quality standards.

The company offers a range of cold-chain management solutions, including a global team of cold-chain experts, a strategic depot network, more than 3000 pallets of dedicated refrigerated storage facilities, and a proprietary Shipping Temperature Electronic Monitoring System (STEMS) allowing for same day temperature data. It plans to introduce reusable options for controlled, ambient shipments, 15°C to 25°C, and frozen shipments, -25°C to -15°C, in the future.

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