Rondo-Pak Opens New Facility In Puerto Rico

Folding carton provider Rondo-Pak, Norristown, PA has opened a manufacturing and distribution facility in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The new location will offer world class climate controlled manufacturing and warehousing space, the company announced in a press release.
The facility makes Rondo-Pak an attractive option for pharmaceutical manufacturers seeking a reliable new supplier, as well as those looking for a strong secondary supplier to help minimize risk.  Rondo-Pak also will use the facility to manufacture folding cartons, and has plans to expand the plant’s production capabilities to include other printed packaging components, the company said.
“Our new facility in Puerto provides an on-island alternative for Rondo-Pak’s high quality folding cartons and packaging solutions,” said Victor Dixon, president & COO of Rondo-Pak.  “Supported by Korber's Medipak Systems and Rondo AG – Rondo-Pak’s parent company with multiple manufacturing locations worldwide – our team of pharmaceutical packaging experts can address a wide variety of customer needs on-time and on-budget.”
The facility’s prime location is seen as a major advantage: San Juan has Puerto Rico’s largest port, and is the convergence point for many of the island’s major highways.  This gives Rondo-Pak a logistical advantage in optimizing supply chain solutions, as well as efficiently transporting products to customers not just in Puerto Rico but throughout the greater Caribbean region.
Puerto Rico’s stature as a prime location in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals sectors has seen a resurgence over the past few years, thanks in part to its installed base of biopharma manufacturing assets, its skilled workforce talent pool, and superior tax incentives, the company said.
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