SABIC Exhibiting Polymer Technologies for Healthcare Products at K 2013

At K 2013 through October 23, SABIC is highlighting engineered thermoplastics and polymer technologies for healthcare product applications. Products include solutions for flexible packaging, for drug delivery, and for minimizing healthcare-associated infections.  

SABIC’s latest films include SABIC HDPE PCG5009, SABIC LLDPE PCG0863F, and SABIC LLDPE PCG6118NE for optimizing seal and package integrity in pouches and sachets. These grades have been fully tested in accordance with the relevant European Pharmacopoeia (EP) and United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) requirements to meet the needs in the pharmaceutical industry, the company reports.

SABIC PP PCGR40 and SABIC PP PCGR40L are the company’s latest clarified polypropylene (PP) materials offering "glass-like clarity that supports improvements in dosing accuracy and better detection of contaminants in medical applications such as conventional or pre-filled plastic syringes and dosing systems," the company reports. Produced with a peroxide-free technology, there are no peroxide residues that could migrate into the medicine from the syringe barrel, the company reports.

To address infection control, SABIC offers LNP antimicrobial thermoplastic compounds that employ silver-based antimicrobial technology. Four different base resins and two different levels of antimicrobial effect are available, and SABIC offers customization capabilities to support fluid and drug delivery applications, surgical instruments, monitoring and imaging devices, and durable medical equipment such as hospital beds and operating tables.

“Increasingly, in healthcare environments, minimizing Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAIs) has been a major challenge for our customers. As a result, SABIC continues to develop robust solutions that empower our customers to keep pace with the rapidly growing challenge of infection control. SABIC’s engineering thermoplastic technology with antimicrobial additives and materials with enhanced sterilization performance are two of SABIC’s recent developments which can be used within the healthcare industry to help decrease the spread of infection,” said Cathleen Hess, Director of Healthcare Marketing for SABIC’s Innovative Plastics business, in a statement.



SABIC is in Hall 6, Stand D42 at K 2013. More information can also be found at


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