Schneider To Show Hydraulic-Free Pallet Dispenser/Stacker

Schneider Packaging Equipment Company is introducing the Automatic Pallet Dispensers/Stackers at Pack Expo 2013, Las Vegas. The new next generation model replaces the hydraulic drive system with heavy-duty electronically powered mechanical components.
In addition to eliminating the potential for oil spills or leaks, the units are energy efficient, the company said in a press release. The continuous performance automatic pallet dispenser/stackers are built for demanding palletizing environments and store up to 15 wood or plastic pallets (expandable to 20). Also available with drag chain and roller conveyor sections, the system can be configured to the optimal plant layout. Pallets can be transferred from either side or rear of the machine.  Pallets can also transfer to either floor or conveyor level. The low-level detection feature automatically alerts when pallets are low.
The touch screen HMI has a multi-lingual option.  The Automatic Pallet Dispenser/Stacker can be purchased as a stand-alone unit or integrated as part of a complete Schneider end of line system. 
Also at Booth #2525 at the show, Schneider is introducing the next generation Bottle Packer Row case packer to its Robox family of products. The Robox BPR is ideal for packing blow molded Plastic HDPE, PET, PVC, PP and other bottles into service cartons with or without liner bags, the company said.
The completely modular Robox BPR packs a wide variety of bottles and configurations, packing one row at a time and orienting the bottle necks facing either up, down or alternating necks up or down by row or even every other bottle. The Robox can also pack lay down layers on top of the case to maximize the number of bottles packed.
Capable of throughputs of over 160 bottles/minute, the system is available with a wide range of standard options for tooling, layer pad, bottle inversion and liner bag handling. The system is also available in a variety of standard floor plans to minimize the footprint.
The Robox BPR utilizes a FANUC robot for the flexibility to accommodate multiple bottle sizes and pack configurations. Quick change tooling allows for rapid changeovers to maintain high overall equipment effectiveness even for short production runs. The Rockwell PLC and HMI simplify operation and maintenance. Like all Robox products, the system is completely self-contained and portable, making installation and startup a snap.
In addition, Schneider at the show will feature ProAdjust, an add-on solution that automatically adjusts the change-over points of most machines. ProAdjust makes changeovers fast, accurate and repeatable which can dramatically improve a machine’s overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and lower costs.
ProAdjust is compatible with most machinery in every industry. It is a self-contained system consisting of a controller and integrated PowerPacks that provide the motion. The system is specifically designed to meet the requirements of what an auto-adjust system needs to be while being easy to implement. The system is scalable from one to hundreds of adjustment points. Wiring is plug-and-go, and most importantly, no programming is required. ProAdjust uses a simple point and click touch screen interface for one-time machine setup and features an easy setup for creating and editing ‘recipes.’
“The ProAdjust integration is completed on-site and requires no middleware or manual adjustments to achieve consistent, precisely aligned, automatic adjustments of machine change-over points. This increases throughput, and eliminates the mistakes and excessive change-over time that typically happens, resulting in wasted production time and product,” says, Richard Schneider, president, Schneider Packaging.
“As an example, a machine automated with ProAdjust at 14 points of adjustment resulted in a 28 minute changeover savings, recouping the cost of the ProAdjust system in just four months,” Schneider added.
As manufacturers face increasing demand to produce more SKU’s on existing equipment, the need to both improve line efficiency and reduce changeover time is paramount. ProAdjust is designed to address the need for speed and accuracy by providing a solution that can be added onto new equipment from an OEM as a low cost option or older existing equipment as a field retrofit. Equipment such as fillers, cartoners, stamping presses, laser cutters, mixers, case packers, palletizers, or case loaders all benefit from the installment of ProAdjust.
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