Sustainable Packaging Coalition Releases Metrics to Help Companies Track Sustainability Progress

To help companies measure progress in packaging sustainability as defined by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC; Charlottesville, VA), the SPC has publicly released its Sustainable Packaging Indicators and Metrics Framework Version 1.0. The Metrics Framework provides a wide-ranging palette of indicators and metrics that are organized into eight categories related to material use, energy use, water use, material health, clean production and transport, cost and performance, community impact and worker impact.

SPC reports that each framework module explains why the measurements are relevant to sustainability efforts, defines each indicator as it relates to packaging, specifies the metric to be used and provides recommendations for what to measure and what not to measure.

Based on international standards and protocols, the document was jointly developed by a group of stakeholders representing leadership companies throughout the packaging supply chain. “Without consistent guidance, sustainability criteria vary significantly from one company to the next,” said GreenBlue Senior Fellow Katherine O’Dea, chief author of the framework. “This lack of coordination has made the data collection process time consuming and costly for suppliers, as well as making it difficult for companies to consistently benchmark their performance over time. Our hope is the Metrics Framework will standardize how the industry measures its progress toward making packaging more sustainable.”

To download the metrics document, visit here to access the press release and launch the file.

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