United Drug PLC’s Packaging Services Rebranded As Sharp Packaging Services

United Drug plc has been renamed as UDG Healthcare plc. All of the Group’s packaging services will be rebranded as Sharp Packaging Services to enable the organization to market its services more effectively to international healthcare companies, the company said in a press release.
Over the last 10 years, United Drug’s Packaging Division has grown to become a truly international provider to the pharmaceutical industry. As the company has grown the business has changed and become more complex. This new brand identity will support the company’s ambition to be the market leader in innovation, quality and customer lead commercial and clinical packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, the company said.
Sharp Packaging Services is an international packaging company delivering innovative and quality led clinical and commercial packaging, serialization, design, formulation, printing, label design, and clinical trial distribution services to the pharmaceutical industry, the company said.
Sharp Packaging Services is built of two business units; Sharp Packaging Solutions and Sharp Clinical Services. Sharp Packaging Solutions provide commercial packaging and serialization solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry from sites in the US and Europe. Sharp Clinical Services partners with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide, providing clinical trial materials and supply chain management from sites in the US and Europe.
“As we have built our division we have also built a strong reputation in the pharmaceutical industry. This reputation is built on our commitment to quality, ingenuity and to building strong lasting relationships with our partners, and managing the needs of existing customers across two continents. We aim to service customers’ needs at the clinical and commercial phases, bolstering what we already offer in Europe and the US and, in time, expanding into Asia,” said Enda Scott, managing director, Sharp Packaging Services.
The new corporate branding is built around five core values; Quality, Partnership, Ingenuity, Expertise and Energy. Each of the divisions have been renamed and given a unique colour palette, with the divisional colours then forming part of the UDG Healthcare logo.
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