Submissions to PMP News

Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News is a comprehensive resource for medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing professionals who need focused, reliable, and timely information to make intelligent packaging decisions. For more than 17 years, PMP News has served the industry as the leading source of in-depth news and information. Staff-written feature articles offer in-depth reports on technology advances along with industry perspectives from leading experts.

Each month, PMP News brings a broad range of useful information collected in a series of specialized columns, including:
  • News —The latest news of the industry.
  • ViewPoints—Editorials from industry contributors.
  • Web Sightings—Reports on useful Web sites for packaging professionals.
  • Track and Trace and Pharma Bio Transport columns target the emerging roles for packaging and labeling in supply-chain safety and integrity.
  • Features—In-depth articles on industry trends in medical and pharmaceutical packaging.
  • Case Histories—Packaging application stories from pharmaceutical and medical companies.
  • Packaging Resource Center rounds up product-focused listing of materials and machinery and the latest new products for packaging. 
Feature Articles
PMP News welcomes industry contributions to staff-written articles as well as industry-authored articles. Ideas and manuscripts must be clearly directed to PMP News’s readership, must not repeat recent coverage of the same topic, must be sharply focused on a well-defined thesis, and must meet the standards of peer reviewers.
Authors interested in writing articles should consult with editorial staff before beginning manuscripts. Query letters, summaries, and outlines are welcome. Articles should discuss packaging technology as objectively as possible. Case histories that explore the use of a particular product are welcome as long as the discussion focuses on technological details using end-user research and experience.
Guest editorials are also welcomed, provided that they explore technology and trends in a nonpromotional manner.
For more detailed guidelines, contact Editor Daphne Allen at
News and Web Sightings
Company and personnel news as well as Web site announcements are welcomed. Please send any press releases to Editor Daphne Allen at
Packaging Resource Center
New products and services as well as industry events are featured in every issue. These products describe new materials, components, equipment, and services available to pharmaceutical and medical device packaging professionals. If possible, include a high-quality photograph. Releases submitted for consideration should clearly state the applications for the pharmaceutical and medical device packaging industry.
Events should address pharmaceutical and medical device packaging professionals.
Submit all press releases and annoucnements for consideration to
Buyers Guide
Buyers Guides run throughout the year. These also are special enhancements for advertisers only, and you must have submitted an insertion order to advertise in an issue before submitting material for a particular enhancement. In addition, the company's products or services must fit the topic and must adhere to editorial guidelines. All written materials will be edited to adhere to PMP News style. If you are scheduled for one of these issues, contact your sales rep. Be sure to indicate which issue you are advertising in.