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Millersburg PA 17061
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Advanced Scientifics – Your Source for Complete Outsourcing
Advanced Scientifics, Inc. is a fully integrated, contract manufacturer of class I and II disposable medical devices and media bags. From product design/prototyping to finished sterile packaging, Advanced Scientifics is an FDA registered, ISO 9001:2000 certified medical device manufacturer. Standard and custom high quality disposable medical devices are offered to meet your specifications.
Advanced Scientifics offers disposable medical devices, pharmaceutical media bags, fluid transfer systems, and extension sets.

  • Product design / development
  • Prototyping
  • Clean Room Injection Molding
  • Assembly (class 10,000 clean room)
  • Printing
  • Packaging
  • Sterilization / Validation
  • Private Labeling

Class 100,000
Clean Room Injection Molding
Advanced Scientifics offers class 100,000 clean room injection molding services - adjacent to a class 10,000 clean room assembly area. High-speed material handling equipment and closed-loop processes ensure products are molded under the most controlled environments.
"Customization By Design Program" Offers Fast Delivery
Advanced Scientifics offers a selection of over 2,000 standard plus custom bag and set designs. Dedicated design engineers will work with you to transform your product ideas into reality - with design quotes in 24 hours. Our flexible production capabilities allow us to meet your exact specifications with delivery as early as - 3 weeks.
Pharmaceutical Media Bags with Fluid Transfer Sets
ASI is a leader in the custom design and manufacture of sterile disposable media bag systems for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Our line of pharmaceutical media bags includes 100 ml to 2,000 liter sizes - Customized By Your Design. From small sampling bags to large biopharmaceutical bag systems for storage, mixing and transporting of bulk liquids, Advanced Scientifics "Customization Program" provides you with a broad range of class VI medical grade materials, films, extension set and component options.
Sterile, Disposable Fluid Transfer/Extension Sets
Custom assembled, packaged fluid transfer sets offer a safe, economical method for handling critical fluids. Fluid transfer/extension set capabilities range from microbore to small, standard and large bore sizes with co-extruded tubing available. Utilizing cutting edge technology, a broad range of materials and thermoplastic resins are available for device design including non-DEHP, PVC tubing. For customers who require containers with extremely low gas transmission rates and no leaching, PVC alternatives are also offered. Applications include tubing/extension sets assemblies for bag systems or peristaltic pumps.

We offer products and/or services in the following categories:

Directory: Packaging Categories
  • Bags and Pouches
  • Filling, IV Bags
  • Films