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Multisorb Technologies is a world leader in active packaging technology, providing sorbent solutions for managing moisture, oxygen, odor, hydrocarbons, and other volatiles in healthcare product packaging. As a long time supplier to the healthcare industry, Multisorb’s products are extensively used to ensure the stability of pharmaceutical, in-vitro diagnostic, medical device, dietary supplement, and drug-delivery products.

As a single-source provider of a broad range of active packaging solutions, Multisorb supports its sorbent products utilizing SimulSorb and SimulOx pseudo-empirical modeling programs to help predict physical and chemical stability outcomes for healthcare products in their packaging. This allows for the most effective selection of sorbent requirements, and helps our customers to improve their speed to market with new products.

Multisorb uses a “Calculations through Operations” approach to assist you with the transition from product formulation to packaging operations, which provides the most effective solution for ensuring stability throughout the entire shelf life of your product. Our sorbent systems approach, utilizing Multisorb Active-Pak Automation insertion equipment, provides a one-stop turnkey solution with unmatched performance. Our sorbent and dispenser solutions are customized to the customer’s requirements thereby providing the most cost -effective solution.

Our seasoned team of packaging professionals, chemists, biochemists, and systems engineers provide skilled resources to understand and solve virtually any product stability issues. Contact us today to enhance the value of your product.


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