Tubes News: Speaking to Consumers from the Shelf

Photographic-quality graphics convey an oral care brand’s unique purpose.

The Original TUNG Gel from Peak Enterprises is now relaunching in Japan with a new package, an injection-molded tube with in-mold labeling. The new tube has already been recognized for its North American market debut in awards programs by both the New Jersey Packaging Executive’s Club and The Tube Council.

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Sterilizable Tubes

Tubes made from polypropylene and foil withstand high temperatures, meeting a medical device manufacturer’s requirements for terminal sterilization.

Seeking to provide a large amount of wound care gel for burn surgery, B. Braun Medical AG (Germany) needed larger containers for its Prontosan Wound Gel in addition to the already available 30-g plastic ampoules. The sterile, highly viscous gel is now available in 250-g tubes, thanks to Neopac (

To meet the product’s sterilization requirements, Neopac and B. Braun Germany worked together to identify appropriate tube materials. Neopac’s Pharma Sales Manager, Chris Kipf, coordinated the project to fruition. 

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Tube Truths—Or Myths?

There are a few challenges that are discouraging some brands from using a tube. Experts help dispel them.
By Marie Redding
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Affection for Tubes

These beauty brands say that tubes deliver many functional benefits, and they can help solve dispensing issues.
By Marie Redding
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M&H Plastics to Expand in USA

M&H Plastics is expanding its Winchester, VA, facility in both size and production capacity. The plastic packaging provider plans to invest $6.2 million in order to expand its extrusion blowmolding, injection stretch blowmolding, and high‐speed decorating capabilities. It will create 20 new jobs, and also utilize 18 temporary positions, leading to an overall workforce increase of 76%.

M&H Plastics supplies plastic components and manufactures bottles, jars, flexible tubes, and closures for personal care, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and nutritional products.

Theodent to Receive International Design Award

Theodent has been recognized in the Red Dot international design awards program  for innovative product design for its "chocolate toothpaste” packaging. Theodent's brown and copper-colored box and tube (recently featured as the cover story in Tube News magazine) was inspired by the company's proprietary chocolate extract, Rennou, which is the active ingredient in the fluoride-free toothpaste that launched earlier this year in 171 Whole Foods Markets nationwide.

Designed to Attract Attention

The right design and decorating process can transform an ordinary tube into a luxe package, help create a better shopping experience, or more clearly convey product benefits

By Marie Redding, Freelance Writer

Through the use of different design and decorating techniques, messages are conveyed to consumers about a brand. When a tube is decorated with certain design elements, it can convey information about a product’s benefits or formulation. Subtle color cues can also be used to help a product in a tube be thought of as a more premium item. Dispensing ease can also create consumer demand.

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Readying for Retail

The Tube Council will be showcasing the latest in tubes at HBA Global Expo.

The Tube Council will be participating in the Innovations in Tubes Pavilion at the upcoming HBA Global Expo June 19–21 at New York City’s Jacob Javits Convention Center. The pavilion will offer attendees one location for education on tube innovations and networking activities.

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Neopac's Fleximed Wins ETMA Award

At the European Tube Manufacturers Association's (ETMA) May conference in Brussels Neopac was recognized for Fleximed, a range of transparent, flexible, medical tubes that can be used as alternatives to glass for parenteral packaging.  Neopac received the “Tube of the Year 2012“ in the “Prototype” category.

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